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November 2016

NITREX INC. - CHICAGO completed a deep case nitriding treatment for a large gear and pinion set intended for power generation service. The specification called for a nitrided case depth 0.025-0.035” (635-900 µm) on a proprietary steel grade, and Nitrex was able to achieve a final case depth of 0.0318 (800 µm).
“What makes this special is that at case depths of only 0.020" we already see a deterioration of the nitrided surface as a result of the excessive hardness or white layer or both, even with sufficient control and whatever the nitriding technology. To be able to go this deep and to maintain a relatively thin and ductile white layer is why the customer sought the expertise of Nitrex to fulfill these requirements. The specification also called for a significant lower limit of typical nitriding temperatures, which added to the inherent challenges of special handling and masking parts this big.” says Tom Cooper, General Manager of Nitrex Inc. - Chicago Operations.
The parts were treated in the plant’s new Nitrex Gas Controlled Nitriding Furnace that is capable of processing loads sizes of 62” diameter x 177” long (1.6m x 4.5m) and up to 25,000 pounds. Cooper expects to see an increasing demand for deep case nitriding, particularly for parts that are subject to mechanical loads that require increased fatigue strength and lubricity properties.

September 2016

Desde el pasado año, después de obtener la certificación de la norma ISO/TS-16949, el sistema mundial de calidad para las empresas que operan en el sector automotriz, Soluciones Tecnológicas Térmicas Nitrex Querétaro, ha visto los beneficios de primera mano. Como la única empresa de tratamiento térmico en México certificado bajo la norma ISO/TS-16949 para Procesos termoquímicos de tratamiento térmico para endurecimiento superficial, Carlos Llerena, Gerente General, otorga todo el crédito al programa de certificación al desarrollo del negocio y aumento de ventas en un 100%.
Durante este período, la planta de Querétaro también ha sido galardonada con la certificación de Sistemas de Tratamiento Térmico AIAG CQI-9: 2007, así como otras aprobaciones de proveedores globales de nivel automotriz 1 y 2, incluidos varios proveedores internacionales de resortes automotrices y dos de las más codiciadas aprobaciones de calidad Europeas y Americanas de empresas líderes en propulsión y tren motriz en el país.
Estas certificaciones y aprobaciones como proveedores de este nivel de empresas, afirman el estándar de calidad y el compromiso que Nitrex Querétaro provee, y que sus clientes valoran, mientas continúa proporcionando un creciente número y variedad de piezas con tratamiento térmico.
"Una certificación independiente es una sólida indicación de la fiabilidad y la eficiencia de nuestros procesos de tratamiento térmico, y una plataforma vital para nuestro futuro crecimiento en México. Sin embargo, es el reconocimiento del cliente de nuestro sistema de calidad lo que lo une todo; desde lo que hemos hecho para invertir en el equipo tecnológicamente más avanzado de nitruración y desarrollo de procesos especiales, hasta las horas de asesoría con prospectos y formación del personal, manteniendo las necesidades del cliente siempre en mente ", dijo Carlos Llerena.
STT Nitrex Querétaro se encuentra estratégicamente situado en Querétaro y ha estado operando sistemas nitruración y nitrocarburación de potencial controlado en base gaseosa desde 2013. A Carlos Llerena puede se le puede localizar en +52(442)221-5119 o carlos.llerena@nitrex.com.

August 2016

NITREX - CHICAGO completed phase one of a 12,000 square foot (1115 m2) expansion of its facility in Aurora, Illinois, a town on the outskirts of Chicago. The plant now includes three supersized gas nitriding systems from Nitrex Metal Inc. The expansion has increased the plant’s nitriding capacities to accommodate parts up to 177” (4.5 meters) long and loads of up to 25,000 pounds (11,300 kg). All furnaces are capable of running the NITREG® family of processes and can meet industry specifications for nitriding to AMS 2759/10 and ferritic nitrocarburizing to AMS 2759/12, plus ONC® for in-process post-nitriding and -nitrocarburizing oxidation.
Tom Copper, General Manager of Nitrex - Chicago said that the primary motivation for the capital upgrades at his plant was that "Nitriding large diameter parts and gears has been limited to furnaces in captive heat treat shops. The same is true for long parts, tubes or shafts. Our new Nitrex nitriders provide a solution to this underserved market segment". Along with the furnaces, phase one of the expansion involved the addition of a new two-story office building and an upgraded metallurgical laboratory.
In the second phase of expansion, the Illinois facility will add another large nitrider from Nitrex Metal Inc., with a working envelope of 137” diameter by 98” height (3.5 m Ø x 2.5 m H), and a load capacity of 55,000 pounds (25,000 kg). This furnace will offer the same Nitreg® process capabilities and will be equipped to meet aerospace standards. The furnace is expected to commence production by January 2017.


July 2016

NITREX INC. unveiled its fully automated copper plating line in its facility in North Las Vegas, NV. The copper plating line expands Nitrex’s capabilities to provide in-house copper plate masking or stop-off to complement its heat treating business. This means a quicker turnaround time and simpler logistics to Nitrex customers.
The Nitrex Copper Plating Line features automated controls of tank characteristics and chemistry, and a scheduling software powering a robotic hoist for station-to-station parts transfer. This means that plated products are consistent in quality, plating thickness is uniform and results are repeatable.
“I have seen how our customers struggle with copper plating and heat treat quality issues as these are separate processes performed by different suppliers. Typically, the customer ends up holding the ball alone. I am now excited to show off this capability as this will make Nitrex a one-stop shop for heat treating with copper plating stop-off” says George Deering, Nitrex Sales Engineer – Western Region.


June 2016

NITREX INC. (Nevada corporation) is pleased to announce the accreditation of its North Las Vegas facility to the Nadcap aerospace quality standard for heat treating. Nadcap is the leading worldwide cooperative program of major companies designed to manage a cost-effective consensus approach to special processes and products and provide continual improvement within the aerospace and automotive industries.
"The Nadcap accreditation is another step towards new growth opportunities, as the facility is currently working with several aerospace Primes and Tier 1’s for specific heat treating approvals. In addition to Nadcap, we also maintain AS9100 certification to ensure the highest level of quality that aerospace and defense manufacturers need.” said Joe Beal, Facility Manager.
Since its opening in 2009, Nitrex - Nevada has been heat treating for the automotive, oil & gas, heavy equipment and power generation industries.


October 2015

NITREX INC. began operation of a low pressure carburizing (LPC) furnace at its plant in Franklin, Indiana. The brand new installation comes from vacuum and LPC furnace specialist ECM of France. It features ECM’s Infracarb® technology - a process that guarantees the reduction of the cycle time, the absence of oxidation and a precise and repeatable control of the carburizing parameters. The furnace has a nameplate capacity of 1,650 pounds (750 kg) and a work chamber of 24” x 26” x 39” (610 mm x 660 mm x 1000 mm). The LPC system is fully automated and is currently configured with 2 heat treat / carburizing cells and a load transfer system that is completely under vacuum. Additionally, this particular set-up at Nitrex – Indiana Operations has the unique capability of quenching in both high pressure gas (20 bar) and in oil to address most specifications. Because of its modular design, additional process chambers can be simply integrated to this system to meet high volume demand.




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